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New Compact Router Developed for Light Business Aircraft

03 Oct 2017

Satcom Direct, aeronautical communications provider, has developed a new compact router; the ‘LTE Hub’. Measuring 17 x 14.7 x 2.5cm, the hub is the smallest on the market, yet still provides the latest cellular, satellite, and wi-fi connectivity, providing users with data transfer rates of up to 867 Mbps in the cabin.

The new system has already gained US certification and will be unveiled officially at the National Business Aviation Association convention on October 10th.

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Image credit: Flight Global

BOC Aviation Look to Re-home 13 Aircraft

03 Oct 2017

BOC Aviation Ltd, Asia’s second largest aircraft lessor, said on Tuesday it was working to find new homes for 13 Boeing Co (BA.N) 737 MAX 8 aircraft planned to be leased to collapsed British carrier Monarch Airlines from mid-2018 to 2020.

“We’re already working on potential new homes for the aircraft but these are still too early to identify and we’ll provide updates in due course,” said Head of Investor Relations Timothy Ross.

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Image credit: Reuters

Monarch Airlines Bankrupt, Stranding Over 100,000 Tourists Abroad

02 Oct 2017

Britain’s Monarch Airlines collapsed on Monday after falling victim to competitor prices and a falling pound, cancelling flights and around 750,000 future bookings. The closure of Monarch Airlines will affect nearly 900,000 passengers in total, and is the largest British airline to go bust.

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Image credit: Skytrax

UK Aircraft Industry Reaches £17bn

02 Oct 2017

In the year so far, 885 aircraft orders have been filled, bringing the total value for the UK industry to £17bn.

ADS chief executive Paul Everitt adds, “Expectations are high for strong performances from UK aerospace companies for the rest of this year.”

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Image credit: City A.M.

Electric Aeroplanes – Fantasy or Reality?

01 Oct 2017

EasyJet announced on Wednesday that it is aiming to begin service with electric-powered aeroplanes within the next decade - but is this possible? It may sound like a far-fetched future, but NASA scientist Sean Clarke argues that it could be done.

"Electric propulsion systems may be relevant in the marketplace sooner than you might expect, because they can be much more efficient," Clarke told Ars in an email on Thursday.

“Not only is battery performance steadily improving, but there are ways to improve the performance of electric motors and thereby squeeze more range out of existing battery technology.”

The company have lofty ambitions for the future: they want to build aircraft with room for 120 and 220 passengers and a range of 335 miles! Despite the limits of battery technology, Clarke claims electric aircraft have real promise, and we could be seeing them on the market as early as 2027.

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