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Future Airlines Could Pay You to Travel

17 Jul 2017

Wow Air CEO Skúli Mogensen has predicted that in the future base airline tickets will be free, and airlines may even pay you to travel with them.

Morgensen believes that the pirce of the ticket will eventually become almost irrelevant as airlines rely more on add-ons such as baggage collection, seat selection, and in-flight meals.

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Climate Change Could Limit Aircraft Take-Offs In the Next Few Decades

17 Jul 2017

Climatic Change published a new study showing that as temperatures continue to rise due to climate change, heat waves will become more common and cause flights to be grounded more frequently.

The heat makes it difficult for planes to take off from the runway as the warmer air is thinner, if the outside temperature is too hot, planes may have to undergo a weight restriction before they are able to take off.

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EasyJet to Open Vienna Base to Cope With Brexit

14 Jul 2017

The new Europe base will be added to two already existing bases in Switzerland and Britain to form "a pan European airline group."

EasyJet said they will “continue to fight for a Brexit deal that at least allows flights between Britain and the EU,” and the new base will protect their flying rights in Europe.

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Spanish Airline Iberia to Stop Pregnancy Test Demand

11 Jul 2017

Labour inspectors in the Balearic Islands discovered the airline insisted on the tests, and fined it €25,000 (£22,000; $28,000).

The airline had required Randstad, a recruitment company, to carry out the pregnancy tests along with other medical checks.

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Image credit: BBC News

Hainan Airlines Introduce Haute Couture-Style Uniforms for its Staff

11 Jul 2017

The new designs “give the uniforms a modern twist with Western additions, such as tailored coats and capes in muted grey and beret-style hats.”

The new look for flight attendants in China’s Hainan Airlines debuted at Paris Couture Week, as designed by Laurence Xu.

“Xu wanted to combine ‘classical, time-honoured Oriental aesthetics and the silhouette of a modern Western suit’ for the Hainan collection,”

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