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LOT Polish Airlines Expands Israel Routes

07 Mar 2017

LOT Polish Airlines is set to expand its service to Israel this summer by adding a 1-2 weekly service from Gdansk, Lublin, Poznan and Wroclaw. Click the link below to see the full schedule.

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ICAO Council Adopt New Aircraft CO2 Emissions Standard

06 Mar 2017

To reduce the global environmental impact of aviation greenhouse gas emissions, the ICAO Council has adopted a new aircraft CO2 emissions standard.

“Contained in a new Volume III to Annex 16 of the Chicago Convention (Environmental Protection), the aircraft CO2 emissions measure represents the world’s first global design certification standard governing CO2 emissions for any industry sector,” the ICAO reports.

The standard will apply to new aircraft designs from 2020, and aircraft type designs already in production as of 2023. Aircraft in production that by 2028 do not meet the new standard will need to be modified sufficiently or will not be able to be produced.

To read the full extent of the changes click the link below.

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Image credit: IFISA

Aeroflot Group To Add 68 Aircraft In Next Two Years

06 Mar 2017

The Aeroflot Group and its subsidiary companies Rossiya, Aurora and Pobeda, will expand its fleet by 68 aircraft within the next two years, the group have reported. In 2017 Aeroflot will gain of 59 aircraft and phase out 19. In 2018 the carriers will take delivery of another 45 and get rid of 17 airliners.

“Last year the group took delivery of 56 aircraft – 14 wide-bodies, 31 narrow-body and 11 regional aircraft. At the same time 23 aircraft left the fleet. The fleet thus was increased by 33 aircraft,” reports Russian Aviator Insider.

Click the link below to see the full list of planned Aeroflot aircraft changes up to 2020.

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Russian airline teaches staff judo

06 Mar 2017

Pobeda Airlines, a low-cost airline company, is set to teach their staff sambo and judo following attacks from violent passengers. The Decision was reportedly made after discovering that hiring private security could increase ticket prices by up to 2%.

“A Pobeda Airlines spokesman called on the government to do more to protect airline staff from passengers who turn violent on flights and in airports,” the Mail Online tell us.

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Used A340s "Left to Rot"

16 Feb 2017

THAI has admitted that it is struggling to sell 10 decommisission Airbus A340s, which were bought when aircraft fuel costs were lower and are no longer sufficiently economical to be flown profitably.

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Image credit: Bangkok Post

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