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UK Aircraft Industry Reaches £17bn

02 Oct 2017

In the year so far, 885 aircraft orders have been filled, bringing the total value for the UK industry to £17bn.

ADS chief executive Paul Everitt adds, “Expectations are high for strong performances from UK aerospace companies for the rest of this year.”

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Image credit: City A.M.

Electric Aeroplanes – Fantasy or Reality?

01 Oct 2017

EasyJet announced on Wednesday that it is aiming to begin service with electric-powered aeroplanes within the next decade - but is this possible? It may sound like a far-fetched future, but NASA scientist Sean Clarke argues that it could be done.

"Electric propulsion systems may be relevant in the marketplace sooner than you might expect, because they can be much more efficient," Clarke told Ars in an email on Thursday.

“Not only is battery performance steadily improving, but there are ways to improve the performance of electric motors and thereby squeeze more range out of existing battery technology.”

The company have lofty ambitions for the future: they want to build aircraft with room for 120 and 220 passengers and a range of 335 miles! Despite the limits of battery technology, Clarke claims electric aircraft have real promise, and we could be seeing them on the market as early as 2027.

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Image credit: ARS Technica

Second Man Dies after Aircraft Crash in Warwickshire

30 Sep 2017

The second man seriously injured after a light aircraft crashed in Warwickshire has now sadly died.

The aircraft crashed into a field off Wolds Lane, just outside Wolvey, on Thursday afternoon.

Two men - aged 55 and 56 - were airlifted to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham having suffered serious burns.

A spokesperson for the Warwickshire Police Force said: “Next of kin have been notified and officers from Warwickshire Police are supporting the families at this difficult time.”

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Image credit: The Rugby Observer

Engineers Unveil Futuristic Unmanned Aircraft Concept

03 Oct 2017

Engineers from BAE Systems together with students from Cranfield University, unveiled a futuristic unmanned aircraft concept that uses both fixed and rotary wing flight. The new technology concept - named Adaptable UAVs - can alternate between the two different flight modes in the same mission.

Within the next few decades, armed forces could be using these unmanned aerial vehicles.

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Image credit: BAE Systems

New Aircraft Unveiled to Help ‘Flying Doctors’ Reach Disaster Areas in Japan

28 Sep 2017

A group of ‘flying doctors’ unveiled its specially adapted aircraft at Saga Airport on Thursday.

The aircraft is a twin-engine turboprop made by Gulfstream Aerospace Corp with a capacity of 10 passengers and one crew member.

The ‘flying doctors’ are a private medical team that offer both medical assistance and disaster relief by air, and are on standby around the clock. The group started in late August following a series of natural disasters in and around Japan, and hope to expand their services to refugee support and other humanitarian assistance in the future.

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Image credit: Japan Times

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