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British Airways Using Remote-Controlled Tugs to Push Aircraft

26 Sep 2017

British Airways said it is modernising its operation to improve punctuality for its customers by introducing remote-controlled tugs to push aircraft out of gates.

The new tugs replace traditional diesel tugs, allowing a ramp agent to push an aircraft from a gate remotely. The ‘Mototok tugs’ are eco-friendly and will allow staff to prepare aircraft for departure more efficiently.

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Image credit: Pilot John

Sarawak Welfare Minister unharmed after Light Aircraft Skids off Airport's Runway

24 Sep 2017

A light aircraft with six passengers aboard, including a state minister, skidded upon landing at the Kuching International Airport, luckily no passengers nor the pilots were harmed.

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Aluminium Lighter Than Water Could Revolutionize Aircraft Technology

25 Sep 2017

A group of researchers from the US and Russia have found a way to create a new type of ultra-light aluminium that’s even lighter than water. The team is made up of Utah State University chemist Alexander Boldyrev and four more from Southern Federal University in Rostov-on Don, Russia.

“They started with a known crystal lattice, in this case, a diamond, and substituted every carbon atom with an aluminium tetrahedron,” Boldyrev says of their innovative approach.

“According to the calculations, forging aluminium in this form makes it more lightweight. The resulting metal had a density of only 0.61 gram per cubic centimetre, instead of aluminium’s usual density of 2.7 grams per cubic centimetre,” Reports India Times.

This new form of ultra-light metal could revolutionise every industry from aircraft manufacturing to everyday household appliances.

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Image credit: Bold Sky

Aeroplane’s Wing Smashes into a Car after Falling 2000m From the Sky

25 Sep 2017

Part of an aeroplane's wing broke off and landed on a car driving along a road in central Osaka, Japan, damaging the car's roof and smashing a rear window. Two women were in the car, but no one was harmed.

“The KLM flight had taken off from Kansai International Airport in Osaka on Saturday morning when the chunk weighing 4.3kgs, fell off,” Reports

The Boeing 777 landed safely at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport later on Saturday, and was carrying over 300 passengers and crew.

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Image credit: AIRLIVE

World's Largest Aircraft Passes First Engine Tests

25 Sep 2017

The world’s largest aircraft with a wingspan of 118 across - larger than a professional football field- has completed its first initial tests. The aircraft, developed by the spaceflight company Stratolaunch, which is led by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, is designed as a launch platform for sending rockets into low-earth orbit.

"In these initial tests, each of the six engines operated as expected," Stratolauch announced.

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Image credit: Defense News X

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