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US laptop ban lifted on Emirates and Turkish Airlines

05 Jul 2017

The ban that was placed in March meant that passengers couldn’t carry laptops or large electronic devices to or from eight mostly Muslim nations for fear of bombs being concealed in them.

Emirates stated that they worked with the US authorities to meet new security rules, and many other airlines with the same ban are announcing a lift too.

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Image credit: BBC News

Stobart Air To Invest €25 million In The Airline

06 Jun 2017

Stobart Air has announced a €25 million investment in the airline including the addition of a new jet aircraft to its 17-strong fleet and the creation of 60 new jobs (24 pilots and 36 cabin crew).

The Irish airline expects to fill the new roles in the coming weeks, and a recruitment campaign is currently underway.

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SKYPETS: Airline Launches Frequent Flier Program Just for Pets

02 Jun 2017

Korean Air introduced the new pet program SKYPETS last week, allowing pets to earn “stamps” on each trip they make and redeem them in the future for free travel. A pet earns a stamp on every internal flight they make in Korea, while international trips will earn them two stamps.

Passengers can register a maximum of five pets (dogs, cats or birds) for the service.

Korean Air isn’t the only company to introduce reward systems for passengers flying with pets, with JetBlue passengers can earn 300 TrueBlue points for every flight they take with a pet in the United States, and Virgin Atlantic has Flaying Paws which rewards passengers with pets 1,000 or 2,000 Flying Club miles.

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United Airlines Announce Nonstop Service Between Los Angeles and Singapore

01 Jun 2017

United Airlines announced today that it is introducing daily nonstop flights between its Los Angeles International Airport hub and Singapore's Changi Airport.

The changes are subject to government approval but are planned to be effective on 27 October this year.

United's LAX-SIN route will be the longest scheduled nonstop flight to or from the U.S.

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World’s Biggest Aeroplane is Wider Than a Football Pitch

01 Jun 2017

Microsoft co-founder Tim Allen has unveiled the world’s largest plane with six engines and a wingspan wider than a football pitch.

Weighing in at 580 tons, standing 50 feet high with a wingspan of 385 feet, and boasting six jet engines, the "Stratolaunch" is designed to launch rockets into space from the air, reducing the cost of sending cargo into space and saving jet fuel compared to launching from the ground.

It is set to demonstrate its first launch as early as 2019.

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