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Rapper Wale Claims American Airlines Employees Were Racist

17 Sep 2018

American Airlines has apologised to the rapper Wale, after he accused two employees of being ‘racist’ on Twitter.

The rapper had tweeted at American Airlines earlier that day, questioning a flight delay, to which American responded apologizing for the wait and blaming the delay on aircraft maintenance.

It was after this that he named two employees, accusing them of telling him “You're not supposed to be in first class, I’m calling the police,”

He shared a photo of his ticket showing his seating assignment in the first class cabin, and called the airline ‘racist’, asking what was going to be done about it.

American Airlines has now apologised for what they claim was a ‘system error’ that didn't register Wale's seating assignment.

“We just want to apologize to Wale for what really occurred here,” a spokesperson for American Airlines said in a statement. “We understand his frustration...He’s a good customer of ours. He flies with us regularly. We really just want to apologize profusely.”

After Wale first tweeted about the incident, American Airlines released the following statement:

“Discrimination has no place at American Airlines. From the team members we hire to the customers we serve, inclusion and diversity is a way of life at American. Every day, our team members work to make American a place where people of all generations, races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, religious affiliations and backgrounds feel welcome and valued,”.

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Image credit: Fox News

Avoid Rising Baggage Fees With These Travel Jackets

16 Sep 2018

It’s no secret that many airlines have been raising their checked baggage fees recently, so how do you avoid the extra costs? Several companies think they might have the answer.

Scottevest, Eddie Bauer, and Sitka (to name just a few), have each unveiled a coat designed specifically to help passengers avoid baggage fees.

Versatile and lightweight ‘travel jackets’ are a must-have for some frequent fliers; built with flying in mind, they fold away small enough to fit in your back pocket, and most importantly, they come fully equipped with lots of storage space. As well as flights they’re also ideal for hiking or camping.

"I specifically carry an iPhone, iPad, wireless earphones, passport, cash, ID, extra batteries, and charging cables every time I step on the plane, in the exact same location on my Scottevest gear. Sometimes I even put my laptop in it." Says Linh Tran, an entrepreneur from Atlanta, who packs one less bag thanks to his travel jacket. Yes that’s right, his jacket carries his laptop.

These jackets are also great for gliding smoothly through airport security - instead of fumbling through your pockets and carry-on case, you can simply take off your jacket and place it in the tray.

One drawback of these jackets however, is that they can be quite an investment. Unless you’re a serious traveller, dropping $649.00 USD on a jacket could seem a little steep, but with airline fees still on the rise, perhaps it’s worth it to make your travel experiance just that little bit easier.

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Image credit: Scottevest

Over 12,000 Flights Affected by Hurricane Florence

13 Sep 2018

As of Wednesday, more than 800 flights had been cancelled in the U.S. and 11,917 flights across the globe were delayed. Airlines are issuing warnings about cancellations and delays, and giving out waivers to travellers being affected.

Additionally, over 500 flights that were scheduled for Thursday have been grounded, and there will be no United flights into or out from Myrtle Beach and Charleston on Thursday or Friday.

Raleigh–Durham International Airport and Charlotte Douglas International Airport are the two hubs primarily affected by Florence.

Charleston International Airport tweeted that the runways will close 11:50 p.m. on Wednesday and will stay closed "at least through Friday" due to the hurricane. Wilmington International Airport also confirmed that its terminal will be closed through Friday.

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Image credit: Vox

Pepper Spray Goes Off On Hawaiian Airlines Flight

01 Sep 2018

A dozen passengers and three flight attendants were treated for respiratory issues on Friday after a can of pepper spray went off inside the cabin of a Hawaiian Airlines plane, the airline said.

A passenger had illegally brought a can of pepper spray on board the flight, which originated in Oakland, Calif. The can discharged about three hours into the flight in the first class cabin, forcing passengers to leave their seats and stand at the back of the plane for up to an hour to avoid the chemicals.

The Boeing 767, which was carrying 256 passengers and 10 crew members, declared an emergency, and got a priority landing at the airport in Hawaii.

“The Federal Aviation Administration could not confirm what substance was brought on the plane, but acknowledged that pepper spray is permitted on checked baggage.”

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Image credit: Fox News

Flying With An Instrument? Here’s How to Keep it Safe

01 Sep 2018

Travelling with a musical instrument is always difficult and often nerve wracking; here are some tips on how to ensure your instrument arrives at its destination intact.

First things first: you should try to avoid checking your instrument in the hold. Baggage handlers are sometimes more gentle with an obvious instrument case, but checked bags get treated incredibly roughly in most circumstances, even when they’re marked as fragile.

Some smaller instruments such as violins, flutes, and (sometimes) guitars, count as carry on, but there’s not always room for them in the overhead storage areas. If you’re travelling with a guitar be prepared to have to check it at the gate, as not all airlines will allow it on the plane.

For large instruments such as cellos, sometimes the best option is to buy an extra seat for it, but make sure you let the airline know 24 hours in advance.

When packing an instrument for air travel you should invest in a hard case, fill any empty spaces with soft items such as clothes or socks, and detune the strings to avoid them snapping. It’s also a good idea to get travel insurance for your instrument, as if it gets damaged by the airline they are not liable.

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