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Some Airports in Europe Could Get Nap Pods With Netflix

08 June 2018

European airports could soon introduce ‘Airpods’, self-contained comfy capsules designed for sleepy travelers at their gate. The pods are still in early stages, but will start to appear around European airports as part of a commercial test later this year. After that, they could appear around the globe.

The Airpods are available to rent by the hour, and come equipped with air purifiers, a tv screen travellers can watch Netflix on, a wifi connection, and an armchair that can be reclined into a bed for napping. The pods are designed to keep outside noise out, but flyers can still keep up to date while inside by setting special alarms inside, and checking on flight alerts.

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Image credit: Fox News

Qatar Airways CEO Makes Sexist Comment

05 Jun 2018

The issue of gender equality and imbalance in airline services, particularly more senior positions, was a hot topic among over 200 airlines represented at the annual meeting of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in Sydney, with the predominantly male gathering agreeing more had to be done to address the issue.

But when Qatar Airways Chief Executive, Akbar al Baker, was asked about the issue among Middle Eastern airlines in particular, he answered with a provocative statement, drawing gasps from the crowd:

“Of course it has to be led by a man because it is a very challenging position,”

It’s not clear weather Baker was serious or trying to make a joke.

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Image credit: Reuters

American Airlines Flight Forced to Land After Cracked Windshield

04 Jun 2018

An American Airlines jetliner headed to Phoenix was caught in a hailstorm and forced to make an emergancy landing in El Paso, Texas, on Sunday night.

None of the 135 passengers and crew was injured and the plane was able to taxi normally to the gate, the airline said in a statement.

Flight 1897 from San Antonio, Texas, to Phoenix was diverted “due to damage sustained by weather in flight,” the airline said in a statement, but gave few other details other than the plane sustained damage to “its nose and windshield” from hail.

The plane landed shortly after 8pm local time where the aircraft was evaluated by maintenance crews, the airline said. All passengers were taken on another plane to their destination.

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Image credit: Forbes

Swedish Airline Nextjet Cancels All Flights After Filing for Bankruptcy

16 May 2018

Nextjet announced on Wednesday it was filing for bankruptcy, and cancelled all its flights with immediate effect. Nextjet CEO Magnus Ivarsson made a public statement stating:

"It is deeply regrettable that the board is forced to make this decision. Especially for our passengers who are directly affected by this and for our staff, but also for our suppliers and partners,"

It’s no longer possible to book tickets on their website, and it urged passengers not to go to the airport and to contact a travel agency or their credit card company for more information. According to Nextjet if you paid for your ticket with a credit card you may be able to claim the money back.

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South African Airline Will Put Your Face On a Plane

25 Apr 2018

Kulula airways has launched a contest to the public for the chance to have a picture of their face on the side of a company aircraft for a ‘minimum of a week’.

Six lucky winners will be chosen based on “The funniest, silliest and wackiest faces submitted,” says the airline. The winners picture will be stretched across almost 40 feet to decorate the plane, and each winner also gets two free round-trip tickets to see themselves in the sky.

In order to enter the contest, participants need to sign up for the airline’s newsletter and upload their best “plane face.”

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