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Japanese Airline to Offer Virtual Reality Airline Experience - Without Leaving the Ground

22 Feb 2018

First Airlines is offering customers a virtual reality airline experience with flights from Tokyo to Paris, Rome, New York, and Hawaii, all while remaining stationary in Tokyo. The experience is designed for people who would like to travel but can't due to health or financial limitations. ‘Passengers’ sit in a room designed like an aircraft cabin, and can choose from a business or first class experience and tickets are just 4,980 yen ($46) for business class and 5,980 yen ($56) for first class.

Guests are served a gourmet meal in-flight and upon "arrival," guests can enjoy a 360-degree tour of the destination - all thanks to projection mapping and video.

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Image credit: CNN

Qatar Airways Plans to Start Airline in India

20 Feb 2018

Qatar Airways has stated again that they plan to open an airline in India. Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker said in a statement to the french media ““We will launch an airline in India which will have a fleet of at least 100 aircraft”.

This is not the first time they have stated their plans, as last March they initially announced the news, and an airline spokesperson had then said the application will be made ‘soon’.

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New Airline ‘Swoop’ Launches With $0 Base Fare

01 Feb 2018

WestJet’s new discount airline ‘Swoop’ kicks off with the promise of $7.50 one-way flights between British Columbia and Ontario for customers who book before the 4th of February. The offer comes with a number of blackout dates and restrictions, but according to the airline, amounts to a $0 base fare plus taxes and fees. Swoop says it will have 500 seats available for the $0 base price from June 20th to September 4th, and will have another 1,500 available from September 5th to December 13th.

Other one-way sales on the site include $37 for a flight from Hamilton to Halifax, $39 to go from Edmonton to Abbotsford and $41 to go from Halifax to Hamilton, setting the bar sky-high for its debut year.

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Image credit: Swoop

Cathay Pacific Debuts New In-Flight Yoga Program

01 Feb 2018

Hong-Kong based airline Cathay Pacific debuted their new in-flight video series "Travel Well With Yoga” dedicated to yoga and meditation for flights, as part of their new campaign ‘Life Well Travelled’. All the moves are designed to be performed while sitting, for passengers to use before, during, and after a flight.

The in-flight program is a collaborative effort between Cathay Pacific and Pure Yoga, and consists of six videos focused on recommended yoga and meditation exercises designed to improve circulation, enhance joint mobility, and ease travel anxiety.

Cathay Pacific Entertainment platforms and connectivity manager Simon Cuthbert says: "We all know that sitting still for a long period of time can be uncomfortable. The need to get up, move and get your blood pumping is important during a flight. Yoga is an innovative way to do this. There are a series of exercises that can easily be done from an economy class seat whilst other moves are suitable for after the flight in your hotel."

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Google Flights Can Now Predict Airline Delays… Before the Airlines Do!

31 Jan 2018

The ‘Google Flights’ search engine will use its advanced machine learning algorithms and understanding of historical data to predict delays before they’ve even been flagged by the airlines themselves. This will be especially useful for those on basic economy flights, as delays and unexpected changes are common

Google uses a combination of data and A.I. technology that mean it can predict some delays in advance of any sort of official confirmation. Google adds that it won’t flag these in the app until it’s at least 80% confident in the prediction, so you should still head for your flight on time, just be prepared for what’s to come!

You can track the status of your flight by searching for your flight number or the airline and flight route, the delay information will then appear in the search results.

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Image credit: Tech Crunch

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