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United Airlines Plans to Let Passengers Pay for Priority Boarding

10 Mar 2018

Airlines as of late have been increasingly charging customers for add-ons such as pillows and extra luggage space - but United Airlines have now proposed a decision that could upset a lot of air travellers.

United want to let passengers pay an extra $9 to board in Group 2, also known as priority boarding. This could cause queuing issues and space problems for passengers boarding later in the already stressful process.

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Airline Employees Living #TheFlyLife

03 Mar 2018

On the 3rd March airline companies across the US join in Employee Appreciation Day by celebrating their employees hard work, innovation, and ambition.

U.S. airlines support 5 percent of the U.S. GDP and more than 10 million jobs across the country in other industries ranging from hospitality and tourism to research and development.

Employers are sharing the stories of their most dynamic employees who give 110% every day using the hashtag ‘#TheFlyLife’

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Airlines Could Start Charging You Based On Who You Are, Not Where You’re Going

20 Feb 2018

Airlines are growing ever closer to using dynamic pricing to charge customers based on flight history and charging more or less depending on the data they find. This would mean that two people catching the same flight in the same class could end up paying wildly different prices.

In fact, according to the revenue management software provider PROS, a few airlines have already implemented dynamic pricing on some ticket searches within their own channels.

Critics of the technology warn of a “growing lack of transparency if fares are priced dynamically.”

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Delta Passengers Stranded on Tarmac for 12 Hours

22 Feb 2018

A Delta Airlines flight from Kansas City to Los Angeles was stranded on the tarmac for 12 hours due to an ice storm, and after all that, never even took off.

Passengers were left frustrated and stuck on the grounded plane, from around 6:30am until 6pm, complaining about a severe lack of communication from staff. Just as passengers thought the plane was about to finally take off, it was announced that the flight was cancelled.

“The gross incompetence associated with flight #2195 defies all logic,” said passenger Matt Montgomery. He later described it as “The worst air travel day experience in 20+ years of flying.” Delta Airlines issued an apology.

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Japanese Airline to Offer Virtual Reality Airline Experience - Without Leaving the Ground

22 Feb 2018

First Airlines is offering customers a virtual reality airline experience with flights from Tokyo to Paris, Rome, New York, and Hawaii, all while remaining stationary in Tokyo. The experience is designed for people who would like to travel but can't due to health or financial limitations. ‘Passengers’ sit in a room designed like an aircraft cabin, and can choose from a business or first class experience and tickets are just 4,980 yen ($46) for business class and 5,980 yen ($56) for first class.

Guests are served a gourmet meal in-flight and upon "arrival," guests can enjoy a 360-degree tour of the destination - all thanks to projection mapping and video.

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