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Flying With ‘Emotional Support’ Peacocks, Turkeys, and Spiders!

02 Jan 2018

On Saturday, an “emotional support” peacock (named Dexter) was barred from boarding a cross-country flight out of New Jersey's Newark Liberty International Airport despite having his own ticket. Dexter the peacock is just one of the many strange and exotic ‘support animals’ that passengers have tried to fly with.

As you might expect, the majority of therapy animals are dogs and cats, but in the past skunks, turkeys, kangaroos and potbellied pigs have all flown on airlines before. So why not Dexter? Well, animals that airlines are not required to accommodate include snakes, reptiles, ferrets, rodents, sugar gliders and spiders (all of which passengers have attempted to bring on flights, noted Delta).

But what about peacocks?

“There are a number of reasons why Dexter was turned away,” according to a spokesperson for United Airlines including his “Weight and size.” “We explained this to the customer on three separate occasions before they arrived at the airport,” United added.

In the end, it seems a little far-fetched that a peacock would ever be allowed to fly cage-free in a plane’s cabin, but it does raise some questions on airlines tightening restrictions on emotional support animals, and what that could for people who actually need to travel with these animal companions.

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Image credit: Instagram, Twitter

British Airways helps Finlay's Xbox dream take flight

16 Dec 2017

Finlay Sangster, a young football fan with cerebral palsy, was surprised at his school by British Airways pilot Jonathan Knowlson and whisked off to London as part of the project BA Magic, which aims to create special moments.

The Rangers fan and Mill O’ Forest pupil has always wanted to play Xbox with his friends but was unable to due to his condition. Finlay and his mum, dad Bruce and his five-year-old brother Brodie were flown to London by BA Magic for the youngster to get his very own bespoke and accessible Xbox controller.

Gail said the airline had “gone above and beyond on the family’s behalf” it even arranged for Rangers player Josh Windass to show up at their home at the end of their experience and personally deliver the Xbox to Finlay.

“Finlay actually said to me ‘thank you for making my dream come true’ and this is the whole reason we do what we do,” Said Mark Saville from SpecialEffect, the charity that worked with Finlay to design his controller.

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Image credit: Evening Express

‘Star Wars’ Themed Airline Jets

16 Dec 2017

If you’re itching to get your next Star Wars fix then Japanese carrier All Nippon Airways’ new Star Wars themed jets could be exactly the droids you’re looking for. ANA has already unveiled their 215-seater ‘R2D2’ jet, and have announced that more planes featuring beloved droids are on the way, including ‘BB-8’ and ‘C-3P0’ themed jets.

The jet was showcased at the Boeing Everett Factory near Seattle, and is scheduled to take to the skies on October 18, and the interior is complete with Star Wars themed napkins, cups, and headrest covers.

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Image credit: ANA

Joanne Catherall denied access to a Qantas lounge for wearing UGGs

15 Dec 2017

Vocalist for The Human League, Joanne Catherall, was recently denied access to a Qantas airport lounge for wearing UGG boots.

Catherall posted about the incident on Twitter, stating that she had never had issues wearing the boots at other airlines’ lounges in the past.

“Apparently Ugg (Australia) Boots are deemed sleepwear by the lady working there [Melbourne Airport] although no problem in any of the other lounges so far,”

This just goes to show that the wrong dress code can get you banned from an airlines’ airport lounge, even if you’re a celebrity.

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Image credit: Shropshire Star

Alaska Airlines Offer Early Boarding to Passengers Wearing Ugly Christmas Jumpers

09 Dec 2017

If you fly on an Alaska Airlines, Virgin America or Horizon Air flight on December 15th, wearing an ugly Christmas sweater will get you into the coveted early boarding group.

The flight crew and attendants will also don their festive gear as part of the holiday promotion.

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Image credit: Fox News

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