Proudly supplying the aviation industry with specialist cleaning & hygiene products

In over 30 years of service, Horsleys has become an indispensable provider to airlines worldwide by offering quality products, manufactured in the UK to the exacting standards of the airline industry, competitively priced and delivered on time, every time.

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Helping airlines save time, stress, and pay a lot less.

Through our in-house production and direct from factory supply chain we are able to provide significant unit cost saving, including sustainable alternatives as well as shorter production lead-times. Our products are manufactured in the UK so costly middle men and transcontinental delays are a thing of the past.

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Sustainability is in our nature

We are always exploring the latest innovation in airline cleaning and hygiene products and have recently introduced a number of sustainable products that help our clients make a better choice for their business and for our planet.

Our multi-purpose products reduce the need for several individual items, our new vinyl gloves are ethically sourced and we now offer compostable products to greatly reduce the amount of plastic waste from high volume disposable products.

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