lavatory deodorant

Aircraft Lavatory Deodorant

5 Litre Containers
Conforms to Boeing D6-17487, Revision H
Conforms to AMS 1476
Conforms to Douglas
CSD - 3
Contains no phenolics, formaldehyde nor heavy metals

Product Information

Lavatory deodorant quickly dispels toilet odours by biocidal action and perfume formulation and controls odours for a long period of time. This highly concentrated, liquid deodorant is ideal for use in chemical and portable toilets, cargo areas and refuse storage tanks.

It is safe to use on all materials commonly used in construction of aircraft, including chemical toilets and refuse handling equipment.

Product Codes:

HOR1070 - Lavatory Deodorant

Packing Details

  • 4 x 5 litre containers per case
  • Case dimensions 37 x 27 x 32cm
  • Gross weight per case: 19.8kg
  • 40 cases per standard pallet
  • 32 cases per euro pallet

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