Airline sharps disposal unit

Sharps Disposal

Wide variety of sizes from 0.2L to 13L
Flip top lid for temporary and final closure feature
Complies with UN 3291, BS EN ISO 23907:2012 and NF-X-30-511 standard
Ideal for use in Airline Accident Cleaning & Spill Kits
Non-return 'petal' opening

Product Information

Sharps disposal bins are essential to ensure the safe disposal of needles and syringes. Horsleys Sharps Disposal Units are available in a wide range of sizes, from the smallest 0.2 litre sharps container, which is widely used onboard aircraft, to the larger 13 litre container.

0.2 litre containers are 79mm x 37mm x 146mm and weigh 55g, so are ideal for use in Airline Accident Cleaning & Spill Kits. To dispose of sharps in 0.2 litre units, use the flip-top lid to expose the non-return petal aperture, drop the used syringe inside and close the lid. When the unit is ready for final closure, simply press down firmly on the lid for a permanent seal.

Product Codes:

HOR1040 - 0.2L Needle Safe Bin

Packing Details

  • 100 units per case  
  • Case dimensions 40 x 32.5 x 31cm
  • Gross weight per case: 6.35kg
  • 45 cases per standard pallet
  • 30 cases per euro pallet

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