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Cleaning & Crew


Accident Cleaning Kit

Hygienic solution for disposing of any aqueous-based matter

Customised, bespoke kits are available

Standard kits include

  • Disposable gloves
  • Encapsulating powder sachet
  • Plastic scraper
  • Biohazardous waste bag
  • Sanicom Sachet
  • Instruction Leaflet

Product Information

HOR1028 - Soiled Solution Kit 10g
HOR1029 - Soiled Solution Kit 40g

Horsleys Accident Cleaning Kits contain everything crew members need to hygienically, quickly and safely isolate any spills and remove waste deriving from any aqueous-based matter. This includes the effects of airsickness, accidental spills and any other mishaps which may occur onboard.

Whilst wearing the disposable gloves provided, simply sprinkle the encapsulating powder onto the spillage, wait for it to solidify, collect waste using the plastic scraper, place into the biohazardous bag and use the Sanicom sachet on the treated area as required.

Items within Horsleys accident cleaning kits can be modified to create bespoke kits, (subject to minimum order quantities).

Packaging Information

Packing Details
  • 100 kits per case
  • Case dimensions 41 x 26 x 44.5cm
  • Case gross weight 5kg
  • 30 cases per standard pallet
  • 21 cases per euro pallet

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