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Passenger Comfort


Airsickness Bags

An essential item for use within cabins

Customisation possible for large order quantities  

White Kraft 50gsm

500 Bags per case

Water-tight polythene lining

Bag Dimensions: 120 x 60 x 235mm

Product Information

HOR1064 - Airsickness Bags (500 bags per case)

Airsickness bags are an essential item for each seat pocket, enabling the hygienic disposal of waste following sickness, thus minimising any upset and disruption caused by passenger illness onboard an aircraft.

Customised airsickness bags with corporate branding and logos can also be supplied, subject to minimum order quantities being met.

Packing Details

  • Case dimensions 41 x 25x 13.5cm
  • Gross weight per case 3.4kg
  • 100 cases per standard pallet
  • 77 cases per euro pallet

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