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Cleaning & Crew


Hand Gel Sachets

70% Alcohol

Suitable for all skin types

Individual sachets for single dose

Ideal for use in locations with no running water

Sachet size - 6 x 8cm

Product Information

HOR1016 - Horsleys Hand Gel Sachets

Horsleys Hand Gel Sachets enable passengers to sanitise their hands without leaving their seats, making them ideal for use during in-flight meal and snack services. They are also an essential item for Crew, providing a quick and convenient solution to keeping hands clean and sanitised without the use of water.

These convenient sachets offer an excellent solution to sanitise hands without water, making them ideal for use in any location, or on any form of transportation, with no running water.

Packing Details

  • 500 sachets per case
  • Case dimensions 39 x 30 x 16cm
  • Case gross weight 3.1kg
  • 80 cases per standard pallet
  • 64 cases per euro pallet

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