Protective Equipment, Face Masks & Safety Products

A range of high-quality safety equipment for businesses and care homes in need. Horsley’s are specialists at manufacturing products to the exacting standards of the aviation industry. Competitively priced and committed to delivering on time, every time.

We’re opening up our product range to supply to those in need of equipment they can trust.

We can provide you with disposable face masks, anti-bacterial wipes and several multi-functional cleaning products to protect you against harmful bacteria and viruses.

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First Class Hygiene and Cleaning Products

Our face masks are all executive standard GB/T 32610-2016 and are available in large quantities as boxes of 50 or cases of 2,000. The masks provide three layers of non-woven, antibacterial fabric with easy to use ear loops ensuring a comfortable yet secure fit.

Our hard surface wipes can also provide long-wearing protection. These easy to use wipes provide a non-sticky, residual effect on hard surfaces which lasts for up to 30 days. Scientifically tested to kill Norovirus, MRSA, C Diff, E Coli, Salmonella and a wide range of other bacteria, these are a great addition to your cleaning routine.

These multi-functional wipes can also be safely used as hand wipes; offering up to six hours of protection from bacteria. The active ingredient is kind to skin and does not contain alcohol.

Industries We’re Looking To Supply To

During a time where PPE provisions are in scarce supply, we’re looking to support the industries that are struggling to source the right protective equipment. If you are a business or a care provider, we’re here to help you get the products that you need.

About Horsleys

In over 30 years of specialist service, Horsleys has become an indispensable provider to airlines worldwide by offering high-quality cleaning, hygiene and care products. We manufacture to the exacting standards of the airline industry and pledge to commit to competitive pricing and delivering on time, every time.

It’s important to note that wearing a face-covering does not provide protection against coronavirus (COVID-19) but may help reduce the risk of transmission to others in some circumstances if you are carrying or showing symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19). Face coverings should not be used as a replacement for social distancing guidelines or self-isolation

If you are in need of PPE, safety or hygiene products get in touch with us today to make your order or call +44 (0)118 971 3223 for more information.

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