Who we are

Since 1988, Horsleys have delivered high quality cabin products at cost-effective prices with outstanding customer service.

We supply airlines of all sizes with everything from hot towels to hand gel. Our custom-labelled sustainable products are in the skies above us, right now, all over the world. Horsleys helps airlines save time, cut stress and pay a lot less for the vital hygiene, cleaning and cabin products they need.

What makes us different

We manufacture our products in-house, right here in the UK. That way, we have full control over product quality. It also cuts the risk of overseas shipping delays and allows us to ramp up production

as-and-when our clients need it. What’s more, because our supply chain is so simple, costly middlemen are a thing of the past.

We are the only cabin product supplier in the UK to offer stock holding and fulfilment services. We store custom-branded cabin supplies in our own warehouses, then ship those goods to multiple depots on an as-needed basis. Clients don’t need to worry about long-term storage or logistics — they can just draw down stock when they need it.

We make the sustainable choice. We do everything we can to reduce waste and cut carbon on every flight that carries our products. Over the past few years, we have created a range of multipurpose products to help airlines cut waste and save time. We have also invested in our raw materials: we can now offer recyclable or compostable alternatives to single-use plastics on all key product lines.

Our Motto: First Class Service, First Class Products, First Class Value

The airline industry has changed beyond recognition since 1988. Here at Horsleys, we’re proud to say that our mission has stayed the same.

We promise all of our clients first class service, products and value. That’s not a hollow sales pitch — it’s a way of doing business. Over the years, we have structured our whole operation so that we can support airlines with top quality custom-labelled products at exceptional prices. We have invested in our logistics capabilities so that we can now offer the most responsive and proactive support standard in our sector. We are constantly innovating and iterating so that we can deliver new products that work better for both airline and passenger (like our 2-in-1 air freshener and cabin soap).

Our product range

We believe that top-quality cabin products are a cornerstone of every air passenger’s experience. Take a look at some of the products that we can supply: